About US

Paydays.us is an online short loan provider, our combination of attractive rates, fast decisions and excellent customer service make us the one to choose when you find yourself in need of a loan in emergency situation.

Responsible lending

We only want to give to borrower who can afford to pay us back on time, this is why we urge all our borrowers to consider very carefully before they apply “is a short-term payday loan to correct product for me”.

We do allow consumers to defer their loan but only for a very limited time and we think that this is fairer than letting the default and then adding excessive charges like some other payday Loan Company do.

People should know that this is short-term loans meant to be paid back on your next payday, do not enter into any financial commitment if you are unsure you be able to meet the again payments.


We give importance to customers. We hope that the vast majority of paydays borrows will never have any reason to contact us, until you have any queries or problems please contact US and we will get back to you straight away and if you are happy with our service we would love to hear from you on the same address in the USA.